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General information on wounds. A wound is an injury that occurs immediately when the skin is cut, torn or punctured causing an open wound or when a blunt object exert pressure on the body causing a closed wound. Pathologists define a wound as a piercing injury which cause damage to the dermis of the skin. wounds maybe as a result of ...

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Wilderness First Aid

When planning a trip to the wilderness, there are several things you need to put into consideration. Apart from carrying an extra pair of shoes or toothbrush, you need to consider your health and well-being first. It is paramount that you carry a first aid kit. Since you do not know what kind of dangers you might face in the ...

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Burns its causes signs and treatment

A burn is basically a type of injury to the skin or to the flesh caused by factors such as heat, chemicals, electricity, friction or even radiation. Burns can be such an awful and a painful experience, to which the level of a burn can be determined depending on its location, its depth as well as the amount of surface ...

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