How To Build An Ultimate DIY Survival Tin

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Whether you’re going on a lengthy bike ride, a hike, hunting trip or just a week or two of camping, having the right survival kits on hand can mean the difference between surviving or perishing if you get caught in a truly disastrous situation. So with that in mind, here are a few suggestions on what to consider when building a Ultimate DIY Survival Tin and you’ll be surprised at just how useful they can be!

The Friendly Swede Emergency Shelter Kit

The Friendly Swede Emergency Shelter Kit

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The Friendly Swede Emergency Shelter Kit Well before we get started lets just have a quick look at the contents of this kit. Inside the pouch there is: an emergency blanket, emergency sleeping bag, ferro rod and striker, tinder, wire saw, carabiner, water zip-lock bag, and whistle. Outside of the UK there is also a small knife in the kit, but …