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General information on wounds. A wound is an injury that occurs immediately when the skin is cut, torn or punctured causing an open wound or when a blunt object exert pressure on the body causing a closed wound. Pathologists define a wound as a piercing injury which cause damage to the dermis of the skin. wounds maybe as a result of ...

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Bone fractures are unfortunately common injuries; however, they require treatment such as resting or in more severe cases, surgery. To be clear, fractures occur when physical force placed on a person’s bone is stronger than the bone itself. A person’s age puts them at a higher risk for a bone fracture because as we age, our bones become more brittle; ...

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What Is SHTF ?

what is SHTF ?  Life is full of uncertainties. One minute everything is fine and the next you are in a pretty serious scenario that requires drastic measures that possibly determine your survival. Basically, SHTF are initials standing for Shit Hits The Fan. When normal life is disrupted and everything around you seems to be in chaos and in absolute ...

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