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How to Make Jerky With and Without a Dehydrator

If you’ve checked the price of jerky in the store – especially organic or nitrite/nitrate-free jerky – then you know how expensive it can be. But you can still enjoy healthful jerky by making your own. What a great way to take advantage of a meat sale at your local store, or preserve the bounty from a hunter in your ...

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15 Essential Foods For Every Prepper’s Pantry

Are you one of those preppers who love to make up a new dish on the spur of the moment? Watching The Food Network will do that to you. In that case, a well-stocked Prepper’s Pantry will always serve you well. What’s in a Dish? Have you ever started cooking and realized that you were missing that one ingredient that can ...

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How to Stockpile survival food

Almost every day, one has to hear of a disaster in a particular place in the world. People are dying of earthquakes, hurricanes and many other natural or man made tragedies. In the current times when the threat of terrorism is in everyone’s mind, many people have obviously thought of ways to prepare their families for such disasters. The first thing ...

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