Tips On Hurricane Preparedness

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There are many risks that we normally get exposed to day in day out. Some of them are less severe while others are extremely dangerous. A good example of the risks that face mankind is a natural disaster. Some of these calamities lead to loss of both property and life. Examples of natural calamities include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lightening, hurricanes and so on. In this case we shall focus on hurricane preparedness. Life is precious and this is the reason you should prepare adequately if you know that a hurricanes are approaching. A hurricane is basically a catastrophic event that typically affects warm-water coastal regions. It is a cyclone that normally bring along powerful winds and driving rain frequently accompanied by thunder and lightning. If you live in such regions, you should practice the following tips in a preparation for hurricanes:

Hurricane Preparedness

  1. Make your house storm-resistant.

Prevention is better than cure. If you live in regions that are prone to hurricanes, you should ensure that board up your windows and doors. In addition, you should use a storm shutter for your windows. You are also advised to cut or trim all the trees near your home in a bid to promote safety. You should not leave anything to chance if at all you purpose to observe hurricane preparedness measures.

Hurricane Preparedness

  1. Develop an emergency kit.

Hurricanes will definitely interfere with the manner in which you normally do your activities. You should have specific items that will help you in the event of a disaster such as hurricane. They include items like food supply for a minimum of 4 days, water, emergency light, maps, blankets, first aid kit and so on. In addition, you should have a solar charger and a self-charging radio with you.


  1. Ensure you have a strategy for evacuation.

In the event of hurricanes occurring, the government is likely to send the relevant authorities to evacuate you from that region as soon as possible. Therefore you must be in a position to grab your pack of essential items and get going with minimal or no delay. You should ensure that your car has sufficient fuel to enable you travel to a different destination. You should only follow the suggested routes if at all you want to stay safe. You should also leave early before the storm corners you. Do not forget your emergency kit as you relocate to a different region.


  1. Ensure that you have a disaster plan for your pets.

Many people value their pets. You probably have some sentimental value for your pets.This is the reason you should have a disaster plan for your pets. Their lives are precious too. You may not necessarily keep your pet in your house but you should ensure that you plan ahead of time how and where you will evacuate your pets in the event of a hurricane striking.

  1. Ensure that you have an emergency plan.

You should ensure that you have an emergency strategy ahead of this calamity. You should ensure that your children’s school have such a plan as well as a way of hurricane preparedness. This strategy should answer questions like “where you would go in case of an emergency?” and “who to contact in case of an emergency?“.This will save you the agony of struggling to stay in touch with your loved ones.

In summary, hurricane preparedness will go a long way in mitigating the stress and panic in the event of a calamity. When you practice the above mentioned tips, you and your family have a better chance of surviving a hurricane.

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