The Prepper’s Guide to Keeping Chickens

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Keeping Chickens for meat and eggs has become very popular these days, There is nothing quite like raising them from chicks and having them lay your first batch of eggs. However, there are a number of things that you should consider before you start trying to raise chickens in your backyard. The most important thing that you should consider is whether or not it is legal in your area to do so. Some neighborhoods prohibit raising chickens near your home. Those who are mostly affected by these laws are those living in urban areas where the county bylaws are quite strict.

Keeping Chickens

Keeping Chickens

There are a number of reasons why you may be interested in Keeping Chickens in your backyard. You may want to raise them for meat or simply for eggs.  Remember, too, that chicken manure is very important if you are a farmer and you can use it to boast your crop yields. Chickens not take up a lot of space especially when the space available is well managed. A small space can be enough for many chickens and this does not affect their yield provided the necessary measures are adhered to.

What will you equipment will you need For Chicks:

  • Housing/Brooder
  • Bedding
  • Heat Lamp
  • Food Dish
  • Waterer
  • Food and Water

What about the adults ?

  • A Safe Home: The Chicken Coop
  • A Safe Run
  • Food Dishes
  • Water Dishes
  • Food
  • Water
  • Bedding
  • Nest Boxes

If you have never had experience building a chicken coop, then you can go online and find plenty of guides that you can go by. Be sure to find something that can accommodate the amount of room that you have in your backyard as well as how many chickens you plan to raise. You will want something that is easy to keep clean and easy for you to gather eggs in the mornings.


Once you have your coop built, then it’s time for some chickens! You can go to your local hardware store to buy chicks in the spring, but it is often best to buy your chickens fully grown from another farmer. You will get hearty chickens that do well in your climate and environment. Make sure to find out exactly what you will need to feed your chickens what it takes to keep them comfortable.

Chickens can be a great way to introduce farming to your kids. They are easy for kids to feed and gathering eggs is a task that even young children can do unsupervised. By engaging your children in the task of taking care of the chickens, they can feel that they contribute to the household in a very important way and that they have a very good job to do.

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      To be fair you don’t really need much land for raising chickens, As long as they have a bit of space to walk around they are happy. You could always start with a few chickens and see how it goes.

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