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Almost every survival guide makes a point to explain the importance of shelter. In times of unrest and disaster, you need that one place that will now become your sanctuary. But when your mind is in distress and basic resources are scarce, how do you pull through to put up a shelter. Well, it is advisable to use whatever is around you to create something suitable that could help you stay safe as you crack your head for an ultimate survival plan. Here are some reasons as to why you should prioritize or at least include shelter in your survival plan.

Protects you from weather elements

survival shelter

Whatever climate you are in, shelter is vital for your survival. When in a hot climate, heat stroke, sun burn and dehydration may be your biggest concerns and therefore you will require something to protect you and minimise these effects. In low temperatures your concern may be hypothermia or frost bite and thus you require a structure to help you stay warm. Again, in wet conditions you will want to remain dry and warm. All these weather effects could have serious consequences on one’s health and thus pose a threat to their survival. Therefore it is important to make all these considerations as you build a survival shelter. The more suitable a structure is the higher your chances of survival.

Keeps you out of the enemy’s line of observation

Lying in the open exposes you to the enemy’s sight. Since most survival structures are built from simple and readily available materials, they are sometimes difficult to point out and could camouflage you from the enemy.

Protects you from predators

While away from the comfort of your home and any form of civilisation, you are exposed to numerous wild and dangerous predators. These could be poisonous insects, reptiles and other dangerous mammals. With a basic structure you could keep away lots of predators that would otherwise be a threat to your survival.

Gives you a sense of well-being

survival shelter

Your mental state is extremely important as you struggle to pull through survival. Survival experts agree that the mental attitude of a person in a time of crisis greatly determines their chances of survival. Survival thus starts in your mind, if you put up an enduring attitude your chances are heightened while if you adopt a hopeless attitude you are doomed to perish. Having shelter acts a boost to your state of mind. It gives you hope and a sense of accomplishment and also lessens your worries. You are then able to settle down and figure your next survival step.

There are various survival shelter options to go for depending on the materials available and the climate. But keep in mind that is a survival structure and just needs to be basic and nothing fancy. Building a complex shelter may take a lot of time which would have otherwise been used to boost your survival plan. Again, you are not sure of how long you will be there and you may end up not even finish building it. Generally, shelter is essential in your physical and mental well being.

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