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How to Stockpile survival food

Almost every day, one has to hear of a disaster in a particular place in the world. People are dying of earthquakes, hurricanes and many other natural or man made tragedies. In the current times when the threat of terrorism is in everyone’s mind, many people have obviously thought of ways to prepare their families for such disasters. The first thing one should consider are survival food kits.

survival food

These can greatly increase the chances of survival for their family. Having ready food supply in events like catastrophes is really a good idea that can save one’s family. If for instance a country is experiencing political instability and it’s difficult to use roads and other means of transport, food storage survival kits become the only way one can survive.

Water is another priority. It is recommended that there be a one week supply of food and water. Allow about one gallon of water per person per day for tooth brushing, cooking and washing up. One will need about 28 gallons for four people. Store water in tough and durable containers, preferably glass, rotating and ensuring it is used regularly such that it is always fresh.

Onto the food. This is actually pretty easy. There are various different approaches. One could either store their own, or they can buy food already packaged and ready to be stored. One would prepare it, can it, and eventually rotate it out. This route also has a shorter self-life. The freeze dried food has a longer self-life, up to 25 years, and already has the calorie count calculated.

An easy way to ensure that one’s survival food features the necessary nutrients would be to choose foods from a variety of groups. Even though nutrition bars prove to be useful constituents of a survival kit, one should not rely entirely on the snacks for emergency sustenance. Excellent additions to one’s stock would be nuts, jerky,pretzels dried fruit, crackers, vegetables and canned foods. Unfortunately, some people’s favourite foods such as dairy products and meat cannot last for long in th normal state.There are many survival blogs one can visit and gt more ideas on food ideas.

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It is very importannt that one chooses the best foods as well as the best storage method. All of these deserve equal attention as they are complimentary. Its a good idea to store what one really loves and too much consideration of calories and nutrition content may not be that useful. However, it doesn’t mean that one will undermine the significance of these aspects. The stored foods require adequat rotation as its important in maintaining the quality of food and therefore rotating the stored foods ensures the entire process is effective.

Finally, it is vital to refresh the food in one’s stockpile regulary basis. Many families create a stack of survival food kits and then forget about it in the coming years. One must check their stockpile in every six months and be sure to replace any food that might have expired or gone bad for optimal health at all times.

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