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Make Your Own Survival Food

Survival food needs not to be anything fancy but what is necessary. To Make Your Own Survival Food out of the available resources and supplies from your own garden is very much possible. Instant meals that are available in market are not viable option if you have to feed your family in situation of emergency. With little preparation you can prepare your own survival food using the local supplies.

Make Your Own Survival Food

Freeze Dried vs. Dried

One of the most popular drying procedures to preserve more nutrition value in food is freeze drying.  It is a process of drying food without heat by creating a vacuum. By eliminating the air the boiling point of water is lowered dramatically. However freeze drying is an industrial process and is quite expensive.

On the other side the traditional drying process takes time and requires some gear. To preserve the taste and nutrition it is necessary that you dry food at temperature between 90F and 110F. To make your own survival food you will need some supplies. The most important aspect of making your own survival food is to make sure that the shelf life of dried food is long.


To make the drying process quick you will need a dehydrator with circulation fan and adjustable heat levels. To make most of the drying season you will need a dehydrator with at least 4 trays to accommodate maximum food for drying.

Mylar Bags

Appropriate sealing bags are vital for storing your survival food without perishing. No other supply does the job best than the Mylar bags. The best thing about these bags is that you can buy them in bulk and use again and again. However you will need a quality vacuum sealer to seal your survival food in these bags.

Vacuum Sealer

Choose the right vacuum sealer without compromising on the price. It is what is going to save you a lot of time and effort. Also it will ensure that your food is properly sealed and ready to be shelved.


Shelving survival food means you take proper care of the moisture. Leave no scope for moisture to play as spoiler. A desiccant is necessary if you plan to store dried food for long. Best option is the silica gel which is actively used desiccant. It is nontoxic and excellent oxygen absorber that keeps your survival food fresh and dry.

What food can you dry?

You can dry store almost anything. The only difference is the technique of drying which is different for different foods. General procedure is to cut food into uniform thin slices and dry on tray. Just do not pile the food. You can dry foods like carrots, potatoes and beet even after cooking them. You can power other foods after drying like tomatoes, celery, bell peppers and carrots. They make excellent sauce bases and soups.

You can get a lot creative with survival food and try to make your own recipes. So make your own survival food and survive in times of adversity.

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