Importance of Fire in Survival Situation

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Fire is scientifically defined as a mass of burning gases. It results when matter burns beyond its combustion point and it releases energy in form of heat energy. Fire has been important for the survival of man in the following ways:-

Cooking food

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Most of the food we eat is usually cooked. Eating raw food has been in the decrease due to health concerns. Food is usually cooked to improve its taste and also kill any disease causing organism which may be in it. Some other types of food like meet cannot be eaten raw. This cooking makes fire a very crucial thing to our survival because man cannot survive without food and most of the foods eaten by man have to be cooked.

Boiling water

Water is another important part of our life. Most of the water sources like rivers are not protected and this creates chances of water contamination. Contaminated water is very dangerous to our lives and to escape this, it is advisable to boil water to kill this disease causing organism. They die because they cannot survive at the temperature of boiling water. Boiling, instead of use of chemicals in water treatment will save you the side effects which come along with excessive use of chemicals.


Lighting fire will also supply you with visible light. Light enables us to see and so be conscious of our surrounding. Imagine a situation where you do not know what is happening around you, or what is around you! Being conscious of our environment is good for our survival because it will help us escape some probable dangers which can be life threatening. This light also enables us to continue with our activities beyond sunset giving us more working hours and hence a better life.

Scaring away wild animals

This is a more traditional use of fire but we still use it up to date. Dangerous animals can easily be scared away by use of the light from fire. Scaring away of this world animals is a good defense mechanism in times of danger. You are though supposed to note that scaring away is not sufficient because some animals are fierce and so fire should not be used sorely as a defense mechanism.

Provision of warmth


You can also use the heat energy from fire to provide you with warmth in cold times. Cold weather causes diseases like pneumonia which are life threatening. I would advise you to avoid exposing yourself to cold as much as possible and one of the surest ways is by warming yourself with fire.


In case you are lost and people are looking for you, you can signal them by using fire and smoke combination. This will save a lot of time and will also reduce the dangers which you can be exposed to when lost. The situation of being lost is very stressing and this signaling can be very helpful.

This is a clear indication that fire is very important in our daily life as it saves a lot in some undesirable situations and also facilitates most of our daily and crucial activities.

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