Doomsday Prepping – For Newbie’s

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Doomsday doesn’t announce its arrival. Nor does it not knock on your door asking for your permission to strike. Or wait for you to plan and prepare! One needs to be prepped and ready to face it the day the calamity strikes.

As a newbie at Doomsday Prepping, you wonder where to start and what to do. Here’s a simple and easy to follow guide as to how your survival can be ensured.

There are certain precursors necessary before you even plan for doomsday prepping and they are:

  • Will to survive:

Of all the preparations for the impending doomsday, the first and the foremost is the strong will to survive against all odds. There is no place for despondency or surrender.

  • Mental preparedness:

Being prepared mentally is one of the front runners for coping with the sudden development of the doomsday occurrence. Gaining skills and knowledge on various ways of survival, enlisted below, goes a long way in staying alive. You need to have that grit and determination to face any challenge thrown at you.

  • Self-sufficiency:
Doomsday Prepping

Start growing your own food

Instead of living in the hope that the Government or the society will come to the rescue on the eve of a calamity, as a doomsday prepper, you must wish to be self-sufficient and self-reliant in facing the aftermath of the destruction. Being personally responsible for your own safety and survival gives immense strength in the advent of adversity.

  • Physical fitness:
prepper training

Why not train for a event like tough mudder ?

A physically fit person has a better shot at survival. Being fit ensures that lesser medications are administered. Also, in the scenario where long distances are to be traversed, physical fitness becomes a great asset.

The first steps to getting yourself fit are always the hardest but once you get through that initial phase you will find enjoyment and satisfaction in training, Set yourself some training goals and start a training plan and after a few months you will find yourself a lot more healthy and physically robust enough to aid you and your family’s survival.

Thus charged with a clear mindset to begin prepping like the preppers in UK, US and other countries do, you are now ready to face any eventuality a doomsday scenario may throw at you! The next step? Slowly, but steadily, start to stock up on the following essential lifesaving survival aids, without which, it could all come to naught!

  1. Food:

Food is the first to disappear from the supermarket shelves when the signs of doomsday appear. Doomsday preppers start stocking up on dry grains and nuts, canned food, dried frozen food, with nutrition as the priority. A well-stocked pantry comes to the rescue at the time of food shortage all across. Label and date the items clearly.

It is also advisable to not rely completely on the stored food but to produce food by cultivating vegetables and raising livestock, as recommended by seasoned preppers around the globe. .

  1. Water:


When disaster strikes, pure water for drinking and cleaning purposes becomes difficult to obtain as the water purifying plants get ousted. A gallon of water per person per day is required for sustenance. Hence, based on the time for which you are prepping, clean water needs to be stored in a cool place where direct sunlight does not hit the container. However, even this water will need to be replaced every 6 months.

Identifying a fresh water source near the place you are bunking is also important. In case of no other source, alternate ways to generate additional water is rain water harvesting and using water portable purifiers.

  1. Fuel:

Fuel is one resource that is essential for every task you take up during your survival, be it for cooking, lighting, sanitizing, or protection from the environment. Stocking up on fuel sources such as batteries, wood, petro chemicals is required. If you are skilled enough to generate alternate power using do-it-yourself wind turbines, there is nothing like it!

  1. Medications:

Staying healthy becomes a challenge after any calamity because of the outbreak of pandemic diseases. Hence, prescribed medications and over the counter medicines are a must need for all preppers. Basic first aid supplies and first aid skills top the to-do list where healthcare is concerned.

  1. Money:

Finances in the form of cash, silver, and foreign currency need to be set aside for facing all eventualities of doomsday. These can be used as barter when the necessity supplies start to dwindle. Although if the shit really hits the fan the most valuable currency will be in the form of ammo, weapons, medical supplies, food and water.

  1. Tools:

Basic tools to repair and maintain and the necessary skills to operate them are very important for survival if you are a doomsday prepper. Tools come in handy when securing your house from thieves and marauders. Skills to operate tools and to make repairs can be bartered for supplies needed.

  1. Ammunition:

Basic ammunition as a safeguard should be kept at all times for personal protection. It gives a sense of safety and security and helps thwart the attacks on person and property. Obviously here in the UK we are limited to specific legal projectiles unless we have a licence but if like me you own a crossbow/bow it’s always good to keep your ammo topped up.

  1. Bug out bag:


A bug out bag planned and packed for the eventuality of moving out of the house helps in a worst case scenario.

  1. Bug in bag:

If the worst happens and you are not in your safe location you may need supplies to get you home, Basic provisions and tools to keep you vehicle in service are essential here.

Prepping need not be associated with danger or desperation. Combine it with hope and this altered perception make the doomsday prepping a fun way to plan for survival against all odds.

Now you’re aware, and that’s a great start! Why not take a look at some of our prepper 101 section to learn some more of the basics, Remember knowledge is our most powerful tool as preppers and without is we are as vulnerable as everyone else.

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