Burns its causes signs and treatment

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A burn is basically a type of injury to the skin or to the flesh caused by factors such as heat, chemicals, electricity, friction or even radiation. Burns can be such an awful and a painful experience, to which the level of a burn can be determined depending on its location, its depth as well as the amount of surface area linked to it. Burns are therefore classified depending on its depth, which then informs whether a burn is a minor or a serious condition. To classify whether one has a minor or a serious burn, it is important to identify the extent of damage to the body tissues, which then classifies or groups the level or the extent of burns as either a first degree, second degree or simply as a third degree burn.

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Burns signs and symptoms:
A first degree burn is a superficial effect, caused by a local inflammation of the skin. Sun burns and some mild forms of burns are classified under this category, and although the skin may be tender to touch, such inflammation is characterized by pain,redness of the skin and some mild amount of swelling.The second degree burns are rather deeper, characterized with pain, redness, inflammation as well as blistering of the affected part. The third degree burn is however a serious or a severe condition, that is deeper, and may involve the whole layer of the skin, damaging even the blood vessels and the nerves. This condition appears to be leathery and tend to be relatively painless. However, burns are not static and may transcend from one stage to the next, say from a first degree burn to a second degree burn and even to the third degree level.

Burns are characterized depending on the depth of the affection. First degree burns are limited to the upper layer of the skin such that with first degree or superficial burns one experiences, little swelling and pain that last for about 2 to 3 days, peeling of the skin after a few days and are usually red in color. For the Second degree burns, all the fist degree signs and symptoms are eminent, which comprises of swellings, peeling of the skin, an irritation along with blisters. However a third degree burn is quite a severe condition that may come along with so much discomfort, pressure rather than just pain. Severe burns may either be pink, white or even black and charred in color. Numbness or tingling may also be a characteristic of such level of burns from electrical burns.

Burns causes:
Burns are caused by a variety of external factors that are either heat related or simply thermal in nature, chemical, radiation or electrical. Thermal or heat related burns may be due to fire, due to scalding from hot liquids or gases, from hot cooking oil or steam. Chemical burns may be due to various chemical substances such as strong acids,strong base such as sulfuric acids, halogenated compounds to formic acids.In electrical burns are usually due to high voltage,electric arcs,flash burns, while radiation burns may be due to protracted exposure to ultraviolet radiation,ionizing radiation,microwave burns and so forth.


Burns treatment
Treatment of burns vary depending on the cause and the extent of damage. Normally, application of cream and lotions may help soothe the first degree burns such as the Aloe Vera lotions and the Eucerin cream. However it is important to avoid creams and lotions that has perfumes as that may increase discomfort or trigger inflammation. Similarly, second degree burns requires that you employ antibiotics ointments or creams to remedy the pain and the effect. In addition to the application of the cream and lotions to the affected body parts,surgery, amputation or skin grafting may be a form of treatment or a remedy to treat third degree burns.

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