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Bites General Information

Have you wondered what bites are? Generally, bites are either from human or animal using their teeth in order to eat it. Bites from insects are very common, insects cause swelling in the injured areas. However, bites usually leads to development of small lump which are usually itchy. Mostly insects bite when they want to feed, when disturbed and defends themselves from enemies. In most cases bites are harmless though they cause discomfort to the person and the area affected. The bites usually heal up after few hours and some can easily be treated from home while others you need to visit a doctor for further checkups such as snake bites. Some biting insects are mosquitoes, Gnats, Ticks and spiders

Symptoms are feelings from the patients while signs are what other people such as doctors can detect and see. Mostly bites are usually small itchy lump that develops in the skin .The bites may be visible and filled with fluid. The bites may successfully be cleared from home after few hours. However, bites vary from one person to another depending on the insect and individual sensitivity. There are various signs and symptoms that occur when bitten by either insects or stings they include;

• Flu-like symptoms
• Fever
• Fang marks on the skin
• Severe pain
• Swelling at the injured areas
• Dizziness
• Bleeding from wounds
• pus in or around the bite

• Usually bites will occur when the insects are provoked
• Insect sting to protect their lives when disturbed
• Snakes bites when they are surprised or threatened
• Crowded areas with poor hygiene can cause bits

Bites Treatment
However, before understanding the methods of bites treatment put into consideration ways of preventing bites, complications and their effects;

• Do not disturb the insect
• Use insect repellant
• Wear some protective clothing
• Carry an emergency kit if you have allergic reactions to bites.
• Avoid areas where snakes may be hiding
• Avoid playing with insects or even picking then unless well trained.


1) Lyme disease ultimately led to facial palsy, radiculopathy. However, in some cases patients with untreated Lyme Patients usually develop red rash which spreads outwards. Untreated Lyme disease may disease may develop heart problems.
2) Secondary bacterial infection – When the areas affected are scratched and the skin is broken there is risk of bacterial infection such as lympangitis.

However, bites are easy to treat following are ways on how to treat bites.

I. Blisters – Blisters may not look nice but often they are painful when they are busted therefore blisters should not be ruptured. To protect blistered areas apply Band –Aid.

II. Mild local reactions – itching and swelling my clear after few days however, the patient may place a cold compress over the affected areas, taking oral painkillers also steroid cream helps to soothe the discomfort and pain. If the skin is broken do not apply cream or ointment and follow the instructions on the pack.

III. Tick bites – remove the tick immediately; this will lower your risk of a tick borne infection, such as Lyme disease. Hold the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull it straight up; make sure all its parts are removed. Twisting or jerking it as you pull pay break it and leave bits behind in your skin. Do not use petroleum jelly, alcohol or a lit match, they do not work. Wash your hands with soap and water after the tick has been removed. Clean the bite area with soap and water, apply ice to reduce the swelling, and apply an antiseptic.

Bites Conclusion
It’s clearly evident that they are various time of bites hence more research should be carried out in order to understand the causes, effects and treatment of all bites. However, if bits are not treated on time they can led to death such as snake bites.

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