5 vehicles to scavenge or secure in the event of a disaster

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5 vehicles to scavenge or secure in the event of a disaster.

In a disaster or post-apocalyptic event these vehicles are usually obvious for other scavengers, so they can be hard to find un-looted, but they could still hold potential resources if you know what you are doing.
Ambulance – Scavenge
Now everybody knows that medical supplies will be useful in the event of a disaster. Any medication and drugs will be gone however, things like bandages and antiseptic, sutures and maybe even some emergency blankets are likely to be left behind. They are definitely worth checking out, if all you get is sterilised water that could be very useful in the days to come. One thing that might be of value is the stretcher which could be used as a small bed if you have the ability to transport it. It can be tempting to secure one for escape and survival but I wouldn’t recommend this. If you look like a medic then people are more likely to spot and stop you for your assistance or even to steal your supplies.
Campervan(Motorhome)/Caravan – Scavenge/Secure
Obviously one of these would be capable of keeping you and a few others dry and warm whilst in reasonable comfort. They have plenty of space for storage and usually cooking equipment providing you can secure the necessary fuel for their use. Try to get a camper van rather than a caravan.  A caravan tends to require more space to maneuver around obstacles in the road but in a pinch it’s still a viable option. Most people leave things in camping vehicles for their holidays. You will often find cooking equipment and blankets, maybe even an inflatable dingy which could be useful later on. They usually still have last summers propane tanks left in the storage compartment and maybe a BBQ.
Pick-up Truck. – Secure
Try to get one with a cab on the back so you have some protection from the elements. The flat-bed part is generally big enough for you to make a space to sleep in, you can keep yourself dry and store some food and equipment. They usually have 4 wheel drive, so are very good for getting off the track. Use it to get out to the safety of a forest where you can gather supplies like wood for fire, or even use it as a transport vehicle to and from a camp.
Burger Van – Scavenge/Secure
These vehicles will likely have been scavenged for food but they offer so much more than just nutrition. They contain cooking equipment and probably some cleaning equipment. Generally speaking there will be a medial kit somewhere for injuries at work and they usually contain propane tanks for running the grills. This then is a possible bug out vehicle as it contains most of what you would require baring the obvious food, water and clothing. They are generally large enough for a single person to sleep in ad when its cold the burners can be used to increase the temperature. They often have refrigeration equipment so can be good for food storage, and have plenty of space for storage of other goods.
Quad Bike – Secure
These small, and highly maneuverable vehicles, can be more useful than any other vehicle out there if you prepare for it correctly. A large quad is capable of carrying you and quite a decent supply of food and equipment reasonable distances into the countryside. They can also carry small numbers of people at a time. They use little fuel due to their weight and because they are small can be easily concealed. This vehicle obviously wont provide you with any protection from the elements so dress accordingly and make sure you have a plan for shelter.
No matter what type of vehicle you secure, make sure you plan and adapt to fit your circumstances, and always ensure you have another option.
Remember not to panic, it’s only an Apocalypse. It’s not like it’s the end of the…. Never mind.
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