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4 Tips For UK Homestead Prepping

If you are the type that believes in prepping on the home front, or you are thinking of building a bunker in case of nuclear fallout, or you are probably making some other preparations in readiness for when disaster strikes, then this article for you.

Before we continue, lets us think about this little scenario:

There is a disaster (natural or man-made) and you decided to wait it out in that bunker that you have spent years preparing and maintaining, only to find the whole of your neighborhood in your bunker before you!

The end result of the above case could be that you are locked out of your own lair by your neighbors or the contractors that helped you build the bunker.

While we are still creating scenarios (forgive me, I love creating scenarios) let us assume that all the scenarios shown above did not happen and that you arrived at your bunker safely, only to discover that some of the canned foods you kept there have already expired!

Well, if you believe all this can happen (as it can) then you should make precautions to prevent such unpleasant occurrences from happening.

Tip Number 1: Disguise your hideout:


You are probably wondering: why the heck should I keep my prepping activities secret?  Remember the scenario above where you find that your neighbors have hijacked your nuclear bunker and you will appreciate this tip.

While digging and laying concrete, If your neighbors ask you what you are doing, you can tell simply tell them you want to place a tank underground instead of having it topside or that you fancy having two tanks if you already have one. Think of a way to disguise the real identity of your hideout

Tip Number 2: Use out of town contractors:


From the scenario create above, the contractors that helped you to lay the concrete for your bunker may as well be the first one to reach your hideout and lock you outside. If however, they are out of town, then they won’t be able to take a flight just to hide in your bunker.

Tip Number 3: Do it yourself:


Try to use the Do it yourself (DIY) approach as much as possible in the in your prepping activities such as   laying of concrete and other construction work. If this is not possible, then limit the number of people you employ to work on your hideout as much as possible.

Tip number 4: Replenish and replace old stores:


Do not just keep bottles of water and forget about them. Those things have a shelf life and an expiry date. Keep a constant look out and replace every old and expired item.

If you discovered that some canned foods are bulging, that is a sure sign of gas which could only be produced by the activity of microorganisms in the food.

Bulging canned foods is also a sign of contamination, especially when it comes to canned foods. What you should do is to try and replace them as soon as possible.

In conclusion, prepping on the homestead requires some level of maintenance and discretion which could be a life saver in the face of disaster.

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