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Top Five Most Popular doomsday prepper Products

As a doomsday prepper I believe I have unique beliefs and motivation, and therefore I devise elaborate strategies to prepare myself for the end of the world. It helps to prepare for worst case scenarios such as pandemics, economic collapse, nuclear disaster, solar flares, shortage of food, asteroid strikes, terrorism, bomb attacks etc. Preppers have been known to build shelter and stock up supplies for survival in case a doomsday event occurs.

My preppers’ survival kit comprises of several prioritized survival essentials. The basics of the survival kit include supply of water, food, and warmth during disasters. Below is a detailed description of what I consider the five most popular prepper products. The first three popular products are extremely important as they fulfill the basic needs. The fourth product is a multi-tool kit, which comes handy for self-protection and survival. The last product is a survival aid, which includes a comprehensive first aid kit in case of injury and sickness.
There’s a general rule of 3; it is believed that a person can survive without water only for 3 days, in cold weather without warmth for 3 hours and without food for maximum 3 weeks.

  1. Water purification system

The availability of potable, clean water is key to survival. There are several survival water filters in the market that offer easy access to clean and safe drinking water away from home.

Water filters are popular and widely used by UK preppers and preppers worldwide. I have bought a water filter that’s very handy and has great functionality.

  • It can eliminate waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites.
  • An average sized filter can filter approximately 1000L of contaminated water.
  • Most filters do not require any batteries or any other parts.
  • You can collect water from rivers and streams and filter using these portable water purification systems.

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Water survival tips

  1. Source of fire:

In a doomsday prepper scenario, if you run out of matches and lighter, you could be caught in cold being unable to generate the heat required to warm your body. Hence, fire starters serve as a great source of fire in situations of disaster.  I’ve stocked up on Magnesium fire starters, which is a popular product among doomsday preppers. These help start fire when used with tinder such as wood, paper, dry grass, kindling and wood. In addition, the fire provides light and can make it easy to navigate in the dark.

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  1. Food for short-term and long-term:

Food is a quintessential doomsday prepper product, but how to build food supply for both short and long durations? Long shelf life, storage food for immediate use and heirloom seeds to grow food for future are the more popular products in food supplies.

According to me, Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) that need no preparation, and dehydrated meals with years of shelf lives are the preferred options for survival during emergencies.

It also makes sense to stock up on the popular heirloom preparedness seeds. The seed varieties are non-hybrid and non-GMO, and are sealed in Mylar bags and packed in cans. These seeds are said to be enough to feed an entire family. The seeds last four to five years at 70°F and last much longer life if they are frozen.

      4. Multi tools:

Multi-tools are practical, easy to use and convenient. They’re a versatile product. Multi-tools come in handy for both indoor and outdoor activities, that is when preppers decide to either bug in or bug out. I also think, multi tools make good self-defense tools if you’re stuck in the woods or encounter dangerous scenarios.

A lot of work can be accomplished with just one this one device, so for me, this is a must have product the prepper survival gear. Typically, multi tools typically have knives, screwdrivers, scissors, pliers, and a saw in a little pouch.

       5. Survival aids:

When I say survival aid, the most obvious thought is first aid and medical supplies. These are critical to survival especially in case of natural and other doomsday prepper calamities.

It’s always sensible to invest in a comprehensive first aid kit. A well-equipped kit will help deal with CPR, burns, knocked out teeth, scrapes, insect stings, small lacerations, swelling, blisters, sprains, broken/fractured fingers or toes, sepsis, other injuries, excessive bleeding, and much more.

Popular first aid kits will typically be stored in a wall mountable, water/moisture proof box with contents individually boxed to cut down on mess after use. Other material in a first aid box will include CPR Protector, CPR barrier that blocks fluids, some cotton swabs, Certi-Strips in various sizes, gauze pads, Ace Style Bandage, Compresses, medical tapes, Triangular Bandage, anti-bacterial wipes, Burn Creams, Insect Sting Wipe-Ups, A tooth preserving system, Blister/Splinter Relief medication, Some Nitrile Gloves, Foil Rescue Blankets, Instant Hot and Cold Pack, Acetaminophen, other over the counter medicines like Ibuprofen as well as a basic first aid guide.

In conclusion, the big dilemma that UK doomsday prepper and survivalists worldwide face is whether to bug in or bug out during doomsday events. My take is that if you’ve stocked up on the above mentioned products then that should see you through at the very least a few months of doomsday survival.

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