How To Build An Underground Bunker

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Underground bunkers can very much save your life in case of an adversity. People who have tried or built bunkers know that it is not as easy as it sounds. Building a secret structure below your home may not sound like such an adventure but believe us, you will be at peace after building a bunker as you know your family will be safe no matter what the circumstances.To get started with building your own secret shelter we are providing you a step-by-step guide on how to build an underground bunker. Hope it helps.

Getting Started

Permit is necessary irrespective of what you are building. Don’t ignore the laws or you will end up facing lawsuits. Building bunker requires digging deep holes on your property for gas or water supply pipelines. Seeking legal permission will help you to know if there is any such underground lying structure.


How To Build An Underground Bunker

As a survivalist you should know that every single incident requires planning in life and building bunkers is no different. Before you event shovel for once, you should be ready with an extensively detailed plan to build the bunker.

There are a number of factors to consider such as ventilation, natural gas pockets, radiation and bunker location. Bunkers need not to be necessarily located under your house. You can build it somewhere else as well. It will also provide you some advantages like you don’t have to worry about underground concrete or supply lines. Building a bunker under your home is advantageous for a number of other reasons as well. You need not to worry about providing electricity to the bunker build under your home.  The entrance of bunkers built under shacks instead of homes is not safe. It’s obvious you won’t spent much time under the shack so building a bunker under it is pretty useless if there is no tunnel leading you to the bunker from your home.

Weather conditions where you live are also detrimental in deciding the structure and design of your bunker.

We advice you hire a professional for all the planning if you have no experience with construction projects.

Bunker Building Process

Once you get permission to build a bunker you can start with digging. When we say digging we mean digging like a mine operation and you will need some really hard machinery. You can go the tradition way and use conventional tools for digging but it will prolong the building process.

The soil excavated while digging the hole will be needed later for sure. However in the meantime you can keep the soil away from building site for safety. Once the hole is dug you can start with laying the structure.

Structure Building

You can start building the bunker on your own but if you want to speed up things you will need professional help. If the bunker you are planning is small we suggest buying a shipping crate as it will do the job.

Structure of a bunker is very important. You need to keep in mind the material you will be using as underground structures face rusting and decomposition a lot. Concrete is the most cost-effective building material for bunkers.

During the bunker designing process you need to take care of putting passages. Provide safe passages from your home to bunker. Planning for features like sound-proofing, proper ventilation and safety from bad weather will come handy.

When building a bunker proper planning will do half your job. Therefore you should take as much time for planning and designing the bunker as needed.

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