Getting your Children Involved in Prepping

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Preparation and early planning are very essential factors for any endeavor to be successful. Instilling values of preparation and responsibility on your children at a tender age will pay off with great returns. Similar to the way you are always looking at what the future holds and how best to make it better, your children also need to know the value of Prepping.

As you may have noticed, children enjoy learning about things hands on, rather than sitting through a boring lecture. With this in mind, you could consider focusing on giving your children practical responsibilities. However, do not overburden them; give them simple tasks that are fun and enjoyable. For instance you could put them in charge of the kitchen garden.

As they put little seeds in the garden and water them everyday, they will soon learn that without their help, the plants will not survive. In caring for the plants, a sense of responsibility is instilled in your children. They can begin to see the difference they can make in contributing toward the family.

Getting your Children Involved in Prepping

Apart from the above, you could also get them a pet or put up a chicken coop. This is for more dependable children and will require more attention and care. Furthermore, it will require them to prepare for future calamities such as predators. You can teach them how to prepare for emergencies that may occur, such as a fox in the chicken coop.

Remember that children copy and mirror most of your behaviors and actions. Therefore, if you are a family of preppers; your children will also follow suit learning from your traits. To point them in the right direction, you could have discussion at the dinner table on how the rise in price of certain products will affect the family.

As simple as it sounds, this will go a long way in encouraging your kids to be preppers. Since most kids want to be like “mommy and daddy”, they will try to adapt a similar line of thinking. From you, they can learn that being prepared can ease anxiety and make life meaningful.

The hobbies that your children develop also play a big role in shaping their future traits. There are particular hobbies that require a lot of responsibility and preparation, such as building model planes or playing sports. When you child engages in these types of hobbies, they will begin to learn how important it is to prepare for the future.


All you have to do is to get your kids the required equipment and leave them to their own devices. Hobbies such as gardening and knitting are among the hobbies that promote    . Try finding out what your children’s’ interest are first then encourage and support them. Preppers, prepping, survival and responsibility should be words that your children hear everyday.

As a parent, you are aware that you are responsible for the survival of your child in the latter days. The values that you instill in them are the ones that will carry them on through life.

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