Building An Underground Bunker

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It might sound like a weird question but why someone would want to learn about Building An Underground Bunker. Unfortunately most of us simply avoid the fact that a calamity or emergency situation can arise at any moment and we are not ready for such an event.

You can decide to build an underground bunker so as to seek solitude from your daily life or as a standard panic room. Anyways it will add some value to your property. Also if by any chance the “authorities” ever decide to bomb your locality you will have a hideout to save yourself while others struggle into non-existence.

Getting started

Now enough with the thinking stuff, it’s time to really concentrate on building something. First of all you have to decide for a suitable location to build the bunker. Selection of the location should be based on the following considerations:

  • Area should be safe from floods
  • Bunker should be built as deep as possible so as to provide safety from flying projectiles, debris and radiations
  • Walls of the bunker must be in close proximity with ground to reinforce them with surrounding soil and ward off heat easily
  • Area should have enough free space so that bunker air inlets do not raise the concern of fire or debris
  • Entrance of the bunker needs to be short routed to provide easy and safe evacuation
  • Location selected must be away from skyscrapers, establishments like antennas, electric poles and potential fuel or flammable material concentrations
  • Lastly choose an area where bunker can be concealed easily

Beware of websites that offer Stealth Installation or Planet X like bunker installations. They don’t have a viable option to offer at all.

Permission is necessary

You will need permission before you shovel even once. Permission is necessary to ensure that you don’t end up bursting water supply pipelines, underground cables, drainage tunnels and other underground laid stuff.

After you get permission you either can hire a professional to dig hole or get a machine to do it yourself. However, we advice if you don’t have any experience in construction domain it is best in your interest to hire professionals. Anyhow if you are DIY kind of personality, some websites have tutorials on digging and building basic stuff to get you started.

Anything serious like a bunker with concrete walls will definitely require services of professional contractors. But mistake not; designing the bunker is entirely in your hands.

Designing your bunker

Building An Underground Bunker

Companies offer customized Building An Underground Bunker services. There are many readymade bunker designs available for reference. It is advised that you check the specifications and design basics. This will help you design a bunker that can actually protect you from anything.

Best resources for reference are that from the military stores as these guys are building bunkers for decades. They know what exactly it takes to build a secure, functional and useful bunker with efficiency. Military bunker designs are very basic and you might want to add more comforting features like wooden flooring and more living place to these designs.

Planning the design should be focused on necessary requirements like lighting, air inlet, water supply and food stock.

This is still a very basic guide for building an underground bunker and you will need to do more homework than detailed here.

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  1. Hi my husband own nuclear bunker in Wales. Now is available for rent. If anyone interested please drop e-mail to him {removed by admin} his name is Chris Lloyd

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