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Where There Is No Doctor

This handbook has been written primarily for those who live far from medical centers, in places where there is no doctor. But even where there are doctors, people can and should take the lead in their own health care. So this book is for everyone who cares.

Where There Is No Dentist

Where There Is No Dentist is a book about what people can do for themselves and each other to care for their gums and teeth.

When Money Dies

What happens when paper money becomes worthless, Are you prepared ?

Water Survival Training TC 21-21

Survival at sea/water teqniqes


In a cold weather mountainous environment, apply the requirements for survival.


In a survival situation, and given a survival kit, apply the requirements for survival

USMC Scout and Patrol Manual

Provides all Marines with the instructional material they need to build the skills necessary to become effective scouts and patrol team members.


Given a unit in a wilderness environment and necessary equipment and supplies, apply the principles of mountain safety to prevent death or injury


In a cold weather mountainous environment, construct survival shelters

US Army Preservation of Foods

The Necessity of Preserving Food. Man, as a food producer, was able to settle in one locale and remain there on a permanent basis. The food he produced, of course, was subject to spoilage and he had to become adept at preserving it.

US Army MD0540-Sterile Procedures

This subcourse discusses communicable diseases and how they are transmitted, medical asepsis, surgical asepsis, the purposes of dressings, types of dressing materials, how to change a sterile dressing, and how to irrigate a wound.


Capturing all kinds of fur bearing and curing their skins.

The Hobbyists Guide To RTL-SDR – Carl Laufer

This book is intended to be a comprehensive guide for hobbyists on the use of the RTL-SDR dongle. The book consists mainly of tips to get the best out of your RTL-SDR and tutorials for the various interesting projects that can be done using the dongle.

The Fairbairn Manual of Knife-fighting

Learn the basics of knife fighting and defence.


This manual is for your use when, as an aircraft crewmember or passenger, you are required to operate and apply the components of the individual cold climate survival kit in a survival situation.

Survival Food Procurement

After water, man’s most urgent requirement is food. In contemplating virtually any hypothetical survival situation, the mind immediately turns to thoughts of food. Unless the situation occurs in an arid environment, even water, which is more important to maintaining body functions, will almost always follow food in our initial thoughts. The survivor must remember that the three essentials of survival–water, food, and shelter–are prioritized according to the estimate of the actual situation. This estimate must not only be timely but accurate as well. Some situations may well dictate that shelter precede both food and water.

Sourdough Starter

Sourdough starter is a living thing much like a house plant, when you first start to make the starter, most of the yeast comes from the flour itself but over time the starter will evolve into Your Starter. Your Starter will start to take the yeast from the air in your house and become unique to you. If you give some to a friend within a short time it will evolve into Their Starter as it will take the yeast from the air in their house. To make sourdough bread, you need a sourdough starter., which nothing more than natural yeast and it has been used to make bread for thousands of years. I have made starter out of a lot of different things and this is the simplest method.

Simple Sourdough

A very simple method for producing sourdough

Shelter-In-Place Guidebook

This guide book contains information and advice about planning for and implementing temporary shelter-in-place (SIP) as protection from airborne toxic chemical hazards that might result from an accident or incident at an Army chemical weapons stockpile storage site. Th e guide book provides planners and decision-makers with guidance on how to make temporary SIP effective, and it includes examples to help users understand the guidance.


This book includes recipes in the following categories: Breads & Muffins, Breakfast foods, Soups,
Chilies, & Stews, Main Courses, Sides, Salads, & Snacks, Cookies, Cakes, Desserts, and Miscellaneous.
Some recipes include more advanced storage foods like canned meats or freeze dried cheeses.
Others are limited to more simple traditional food storage ingredients.

Seed Germination Instructions and Chart

In the wild, seeds will lie dormant until the proper conditions for growth occur. But in cultivation, the successful gardener must become familiar with several simple pre-sowing seed treatment methods which will unlock the dormancy mechanism and stimulate quicker, more consistent germination.

Ranger Handbook

The history of the American Ranger is a long and colorful saga of courage, daring and outstanding leadership. It is a story of men whose skills in the art of fighting have seldom been surpassed. Only the highlights of their numerous exploits are told here

Primitive – Scouting Projects

A guide for lots of simple primitive structures.

Pocket Guide to Urban Foraging

Foraging in a urban environment with the help of this guide has never been so easy.

Pioneers Knots And Lashings

This booklet has been assembled as a ready reference for Scouts working on the Pioneering Merit Badge that compliments the Scout handbook.

Physical Security FM19-30

This field manual (FM) sets forth guidance for all personnel responsible for physical security. It is the basic reference for training security personnel. It is intended to be a “one-stop” physical security source for the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of the Army (DA), and other proponents and agencies of physical security.

Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide

More often than not, disasters occur with little or no warning — don’t get caught unprepared. Your Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide (PDPG) will allow you to advise family members of your recovery process and to reassure them if you are not affected by an event in your city. The ability to contact family members and locate injured relatives is the first step to recovery.

National Search & Rescue Manual (Australia)

Search and Rescue (SAR) is the search for and provision of lifesaving assistance to people in distress and imminent danger of loss of life. Australian SAR arrangements are intended to complement other emergency services (police, fire, ambulance) in circumstances where those services are unable to operate effectively. Such circumstances could include, for example, remote area operations, rescues at sea, and the need for specialist SAR facilities not normally available to emergency services.


Simple plans to build the JUSTA STOVE


This UNCLASSIFIED publication is designed to provide Service members quick-reference survival, evasion, and recovery information.


A guide for build a water snare.


Seven Primitive Survival Shelters That Could Save Your Life.

How To Build A Survival Shelter

This tells you what you need to know how to make various types of shelters and what materials you need to make them.

Homemade Traps and Snares

This page aims to deal with easily made animal traps that are simple to make out of readily available materials. All photos and pictures are original to this page and all traps and methods work well. Most likely some of these traps will be illegal in your area and proper research should be done regarding the laws before you attempt to fabricate your own trap.


A list of lots of herbal formulas you can make yourself in the wild.

Foxfire Volume 1

Hog dressing; log cabin building; mountain crafts and foods; planting by the signs; snake lore, hunting tales, faith healing; moonshining; and other affairs of plain living.


The fundamentals of fire making and ignition.

FEMA Emergency Food Preparation

If an earthquake, hurricane, winter storm, or other disaster strikes your community, you might not have access to food, water, and electricity for days or even weeks. By taking some time now to store emergency food and water supplies, you can provide for your entire family.

Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Guide

There are many different kinds of disasters, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, airplane crashes, chemical spills, and explosions, which seldom give warning and can be equally devastating to their victims. Although this guide is primarily about earthquake preparation, the steps you take will help your family prepare for any type of disaster that could strike in your community.


During wartime or a natural disaster, food shortages and lack of natural gas or electricity for cooking requires a great deal of improvisation and reliance upon back-to-basics cooking techniques used by our forefathers in order to survive.


Lots of practical water purification techniques.


A guide for locating and identifying different useful plants you may need in a bugout situation.

Drying Foods at Home (Purdue University handbook)

Food dehydration is a method of preserving food that fits today’s lifestyles. Drying food offers one of the most economical and energy-efficient ways of preserving a variety of foods. It is estimated that drying costs less than canning and one-quarter as much as freezing. Drying not only preserves foods but also offers new and different nutritious snacks such as dried fruits, fruit rolls, and meat jerkies.

DHS National Field Operations Guide for Radio Ops

The National Interoperability Field Operations Guide (NIFOG) is a technical reference for emergency communications planning and for radio technicians responsible for radios that will be used in disaster response. The NIFOG includes rules and regulations for use of nationwide and other interoperability channels, tables of frequencies and standard channel names, and other reference material, formatted as a pocket-sized guide for radio technicians to carry with them.


A great resource for learning about deadfalls and snares.


First and foremost, the right equipment. When you are cooking over a fire, there are a few things to remember. When you are able to think about these things as a system for cooking, you will automatically know what sort of pans and equipment will work on the fire.

Comprehenive Guide Wilderness

Everything you need to know about wilderness survival in one book.


Hunting and trapping methods.

BYU One Year Food Supply Recommendations

This is a sample approach to storing food that provides adequate calories (2000-2400) and protein for an adult for one year.

Build a Lightweight Beer-Can cook stove that burns HEET

Originally developed in early 2004, the Super Cat alcohol stove was first shared with the online backpacking community in January, 2005. Since then, it’s become one of the most popular do-it-yourself alcohol stoves among hikers worldwide for probably two reasons: it works exceptionally well and it’s very easy to make.


This manual contains complete requirements for Preflight and Calendar Inspection of Individual Hot Climate Survival Kit.

ARMY Survival Kit Overwater

This manual is for your use, as an aircraft crewmember or passenger, you are required to operate and apply the components of the individual, overwater, survival kit in a survival situation.

ARMY Survival Kit Hot Climate

This manual is for your use when, as an aircraft crewmember or passenger, you are required to operate and apply the components of the individual hot climate survival kit in a survival situation. The hot climate survival kit

ARMY Survival Kit Cold Climate

This manual is for your use when, as an aircraft crewmember or passenger, you are required to operate and apply the components of the individual hot climate survival kit in a survival situation. The cold climate survival kit

ARMY First Aid

This manual meets the first aid training needs of individual service members. Because medical personnel will not always be readily available, the nonmedical service members must rely heavily on their own skills and knowledge of life-sustaining methods to survive on the integrated battlefield

ARES Field Manual for Emergency Communciations

This manual is intended to serve as a quick trainer and reference for amateurs deployed in the field for emergency services work, primarily through the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). It provides basic program information, forms, operating aids, and templates to be customized for the local area to include reference information such as important phone numbers, emergency frequencies, maps, organizational details, and so forth.

1992 USMC Survival Manual MCRP 3-02F 572p

This manual is based entirely on the keyword SURVIVAL. The letters in this word can help guide you in your actions in any survival situation. Whenever faced with a survival situation, remember the word SURVIVAL.


From this GTA, you will learn what you will need to know about military maps and direction finding so that you can move about with confidence without getting lost.

19th century food preservation

This article is only meant to offer an overview of food preservation methods used in the nineteenth century.

If you happen to find any other free prepper/survival resources on your travels please message me at [email protected] and I will add them to the list so the can be readily accessed by our community.