Wazoo Survival Gear

Wazoo Survival Gear

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Wazoo Survival Gear
So this is a relatively new company to the market but, they do seem to be pushing out some decent gear. They make survival bracelets and belts to zombie t-shirts and key-chains. I have a couple of items here from these guys just to get a flavour of what they are about, specifically their Cache Cap and Bushcraft necklace. So far, I’m pretty impressed and here’s why.


The Cache Cap was something I was very sceptical about. I figured you wont get much in there, as it is pretty much just a regular baseball cap, and anything you didWazoo Survival Gear put in there would feel more like a hindrance. I though, if anything, I would just use it to store some cash but I was actually surprised by what you can do with it. It has 6 pockets in total and while the four main ones are large enough for storing some bits and pieces the two side ones are might be a bit too small for most people to use. I actually put a ferro rod in one of the small visor pockets, a survival saw in one of the internal side pockets and a small fishing kit, some foil and a needle and thread in the other side pouch. If you can count, that meant I still had space in the largest internal pouch for maybe drying out some damp tinder and the visor pocket for something-else that may take my fancy and I could even add some paracord around the inside rim. It had a lot of options for one small hat and it wasn’t uncomfortable to wear with this stuff inside. You can obviously feel the items you place inside but, the comfort was my only concern and I was pleasantly surprised. I wore it for a good 8 hours while I was out in the mountains and the extra bits I had added didn’t bother me at all though, I dare say some people might overfill it and find it a different experience.

Wazoo Survival GearI like the bushcraft necklace as its made with leather cord and it just feels more traditional and organic to wear but, it’s very similar to the Firecraft necklace which comes using a length of 550 firecord, if you want something a little more practical. It has a small ferro rod and a ceramic striker on the end, which work well given their size, and really I think look quite nice. The leather feels quite sturdy which makes for some good emergency cordage for something like a tourniquet or even a basic snare if you had to. I don’t adorn myself with jewellery but I do like this as it’s not made for showing off. It is practical and a little unique and that suits me just fine.

I don’t know about you but I do like a good bargain and surprises. So, if like me you want to save some money, and you aren’t sure what you would like to buy, theWazoo Survival Gear guys at WSG will sell you a ‘Bag O’ Crap’ which contains anything from product rejects to one-off prototypes. Now to be fair the reject could be a $70 survival bracelet that had a broken ferro rod on it which for a couple of bucks can easily be swapped out by you or a really cool t-shirt with a little bit of off coloured dye. You just don’t know but, like me, you probably want to find out.

In short, while these guys like to have a laugh or two they are very serious about making their products perform in every situation you might encounter. Don’t be put off if you are outside of the US as their shipping rates are very, very good and arrive very quickly. My kit arrived in about a week and I’ve waited longer for stuff to come from the Amazon warehouse that’s about 10 miles away from my home. It’s definitely worth checking these guys out if you are looking for some cool survival accessories and their bracelets are easily some of the best available on the market.

Check out their gear here.
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