How To Build An Ultimate DIY Survival Tin

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Whether you’re going on a lengthy bike ride, a hike, hunting trip or just a week or two of camping, having the right survival kits on hand can mean the difference between surviving or perishing if you get caught in a truly disastrous situation. So with that in mind, here are a few suggestions on what to consider when building a Ultimate DIY Survival Tin and you’ll be surprised at just how useful they can be!


Ultimate DIY Survival Tin

Remember that this is just a compact kit so you want to keep it the essentials based on your chosen endeavour. Start with a good tin that is water-tight and of an adequate size for your adventure.

Medical Supplies

One of the most essential items you might need would be a first aid kit. Whether you’re going on a long car ride or you’re spending a few days in the wilderness, it’s always a good idea to have the supplies you need to treat a minor injury should one occur. While the contents of your first aid kit may vary depending on what you plan on doing you should nevertheless have plasters, Steri-strips, potassium permanganate, a condom, and a alcohol pad at the very least. If you have a specific medical problem that requires daily medication, it’s a good idea to keep an extra dose handy in case you need it.

Food And Water

Food is often a big problem in the event of an emergency as it is not only difficult to find but preparing it can be tricky too, especially if you’re already low on supplies. Consider the addition of a fishing kit and snare wire but remember you require the knowledge to use them before hand. These items can help you source food until help arrives or you make it to safety. You could also include a bouillon drink, or such items small enough to fit in the tin, that can provide you with a much needed energy boost and some purification tablets for any water you may find.

Navigation And Signalling

Another great addition to any kit would be a compass to help you navigate your way to safety. this is particularly helpful when you are in an environment that prevents you form using proper navigation. Thick jungle will block out the sun and if you enter a desert you want to be sure you are always heading in one direction to maximise your chances to escape. If you are using a button compass be sure to test it against a higher quality compass to ensure it is working correctly. If your tin does not have a shiny lid you may need to add a different form of signalling device such as a mirror or some solas reflective tape but remember you can also use fire to signal for help if you have too.

Essential Tools

A couple of tools would also be a great addition to your tin such as a small blade or knife, tin opener, safety pins and small glow sticks. You would probably find some tinder and fire lighting tools to be very helpful in most situations as it can help to provide warmth and also prepare food and water. The essentials for fire (remembering to take two alternatives in case one fails) would be a ferrocerium rod, jute twine and windproof matches and match striker. Remember though, it is a minimal kit so you need to plan carefully.

There are plenty of other things to keep in mind for your Ultimate DIY Survival Tin. Some common supplies include a mag-light, zip ties, mylar blankets, matches, a candle and others are great for everything from hunting trips to hiking. Not only will they help you navigate unfamiliar territory but, you can also use many of these supplies to gain the attention of a search party.

These are only a few suggestions to consider and it never hurts to think ahead when it comes to staying safe. You can never be too prepared. Keep in mind to also check your tin regularly to ensure that its fit for purpose. Store them in a dry environment when not in use, or you may end up with an unusable mess on your hands when you need it.

If you already have a survival tin please get some pictures up on imgur and link it in the comments for us to take a look.

See Our Ultimate DIY Survival Tin

Here is our version of the Ultimate DIY Survival Tin with step by step instructions on building your own. If you have time please vote for us on instructables via this link. Thanks guys.

See our Ultimate DIY Survival Tin

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