Staying Prepared for Terrorist Threats

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There’s no denying the fact that terrorist incidents are on the rise. While people debate on social media over whether the government should use the term ‘Radical Islam’, the truth of the matter is that many people are dying from terrorist attacks that have become a very real possibility due to globalization, influx of refugees and many other factors. As …

Self-Defense 101: To Fight or Not to Fight

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This is a very common question that arises in many self-defense classes. Should you resist and fight off your attacker or give them what they want?During a crisis, almost always there’s an increase in crime ranging from lootings to rapes and worse. With law enforcement having its hands full, calling 911 may result in a longer wait for help to …

Water Conservation Tips When in a Survival Situation

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Loss of access to running water is one of the most common consequences of a natural disaster or other calamity. The impact of a faucet that doesn’t yield water when it’s turned on can make people panic and frantic. They have good reason to be. Water sustains life and is used for a myriad of purposes. It goes without saying …

Geigerrig Hydration System Review

Geigerrig Hydration System Review

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Geigerrig Hydration System Review This is a full system that is developed by Geigerrig and made by Hydrapak, combine that with Aquamira filters and you have one of the best hydration systems on the market. First off it’s a pressurised system, or you put pressure into it with the little hand pump that attaches via a separate tube. It also uses an internal air pocket which …

Sawyer Mini Review

Sawyer Mini Review

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Sawyer Mini Review Well this is something that I am very excited about and also very scared. Obviously at this point in writing I have yet to use the Sawyer Mini, so I’m excited to find out how good it will work (if at all), and I also feel rather sick knowing I must find some nasty body of disease infested water and start chugging down on it …